CitationWise is an eCitation system from ICS. 

Making the citation writing process much faster and more accurate with features such as barcode reading, drop-down lists for common selections, and simple and readable menus for easy adoption.


Speed and Accuracy Built In

Reduce Errors
"Dupe" Function
Field-Level Validation
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Reduce Error Rates through Automation

Citation writing errors are greatly reduced by using item lists that are approved by the courts for violation codes, violation degrees, court dates, and other drop-down list items. Scanning barcodes for driver licenses and registration documents adds speed and accuracy to capturing violator and vehicle information. Configuring court dark dates reduces the need for amendments.

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"Dupe" Function Promotes Speed

Often, officers will work a specific problem road or intersection for traffic violations. After writing the first cite, many of the items in the cites that follow are the same: location, conditions, violation code(s), court, court date, etc. Using the “Dupe” function, all info from a previous cite can be duplicated and the current violator and vehicle info can be scanned from barcodes and a new cite completed very quickly. The “Dupe” function can also duplicate vehicle info (for additional cites to passengers in a cited vehicle) and even violator info (for additional cites to an already cited person).

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Field-Level Validation Ensures Consistency

Citation fields such as dates, times, and violation codes are checked for accuracy as the items are entered and are validated for completeness before printing a cite. This reduces the need for and costs associated with citation amendments.


Configure and Automate with Ease

Agency Specific
Export to RMS
Additional Evidence
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Configurability to Make your Software Agency-Specific

Most list items on the cite are configurable using the desktop management tool. Configurable items include violation codes, vehicle makes, models and colors, hair color, eye color, courts, court dates and dark dates, streets, race, weather, road conditions, lighting, and traffic conditions. When an item is changed using the desktop management app, the items are updated on mobile devices during the “sync” process.

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Electronic Exports to RMS, Courts, and More

CitationWise provides applications for exporting citation data in a variety of formats to external systems, including courts, records management systems, document imaging, and analytics systems.

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Include Additional Evidence with Each Citation

Pre-formatted notes are set up with checkboxes and lists for common note items and sections for violator statements and officer freeform notes (with speech-to-text capability) provide everything needed to document the event for use in court. Pictures can be captured with each cite to be used to document vehicle equipment violations, violator identity, and driving conditions.


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